SA💯: Mosquitos & Malaria

The mosquito is the most dangerous animal on earth.
It carries the malaria parasite which kills 725,000 people a year. 90% of the fatalities are in sub-Saharan Africa.
How come Europeans & North Americans do not suffer the same fate?
They took drastic steps to eradicate malaria after World War II by using the pesticide DDT.
DDT is now restricted and banned because of harm to birds of prey.
Some argue that this precautionary protection of wildlife comes at great cost to malaria-endemic countries.
This begs the question: which is of greater importance, birds… or babies?
So now scientists are seeking alternative methods to fight the diseases mosquitos carry.
A GM mosquito with a new gene that makes it resistant to the malaria parasite has been bred.
There may be a future without malaria on the horizon.